Moments in Kyoto - Sakura | Real Beauty Cherry Blossoms Kyoto Japan 京都の桜 着物美人と夜桜 京都観光
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Posted by Jeny Jeny  . January 5, 2016
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More on beautiful video about Kyoto :

Winter has gone and getting warm outside these days!!
YES spring has come around here in Kyoto again also this year, the flowers & trees came to life with the coming of spring.
The beginning of April in Japan is the month for cherry trees to blossom throughout the country and brings crowds of people to the famous parks, Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.
I would definitely recommend coming in spring or fall if you are ever able to come to Japan. Hope you enjoy!!

❀❀❀Sakura location area in Kyoto❀❀❀
Gion - Shirakawa South Ave.(day & night vision)
Keifuku Electric Railroad - Kitano line
Philosopher's Walk(Tetsugaku-no-michi)
Okazaki Boat Cruise(jikkokufune)
Yodogawa Sewari-bank Yawata-city

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