Beautiful Kyoto: Amazing Cherry Blossoms (Sakura 2015)
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Posted by Jeny Jeny  . January 5, 2016
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Video Description
Cherry blossoms, known as "sakura" in Japan, have the power to pull thousands of visitors to Kyoto from across the globe. Why?
Sakura is a sign that spring has arrived, and just like spring, the flowers bring a vibrancy and sense of new life in to the city. Due to heavy rain and general grey weather sakura viewing conditions this year were not considered to be at their best, but we wanted to show you that rain or shine, sakura in Kyoto still puts on a beautiful show and is definitely worth traveling a million miles or more for. What do you think, Kyoto Fans? Which scenes from the video are your favorites?

00:22 - Maruyama Park
00:34 - Philosopher's Path
00:58 - Arashiyama (Togetsukyo Bridge & Kotokikichaya Mochi Shop)
01:09 - Haradani-en Garden
01:32 - Okazaki Canal
01:56 - Kamogawa River
02:08 - Heian Shrine
02:19 - Taizo-in
02:30 - Daikaku-ji
02:42 - Keage Incline
02:54 - Kiyamachi-dori
03:06 - Hirano Shrine