Duna / Dune
Category : Documentary
Posted by Isabella Springs  . January 5, 2016
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Video Description
To slide, to feel the air in your face, adrenalin produced by the feeling of speed... All those things is what skaters feel (in the eyes of those who don’t skate). Going down the just been asphalted road to the Trafalgar lighthouse, it was the alternative master plan for a day without waves at the coast of Cádiz. Skating is always fun, it’s an unique experience, but never comparable with riding a wave.

This video was produced by Paloma Sanz, and belongs to a series proposed by ZEMOS98 under 'Urban Culture' and 'Local Heroes' categories. ZEMOS98 asked ten sevillian video artists for small pieces reflecting youth getting ahead with their projects, urban sports and appropiation of public areas or urban artistic expressions.

This work is part of Doc Next Network media collection. For more information visit www.docnextnetwork.org.