Happy Friday, For the Record friends! It's all about the things kind of happening in and around the Senate, formerly known as the world's greatest deliberative body, today (they're closer to the "fine" level right now). Let's get down to the headlines.

Lindsey Graham cringes, vows to help Ted Cruz

Let's pause for a moment and look back to just a couple of months ago, when Sen. Lindsey Graham said picking between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump was like deciding between "being shot or poisoned." Let that sink in. Now, let's get back to today's reality: with Cruz and Trump as two of the last men standing in The Bachelor of 2016, Graham is "going to help Ted in every way I can" to win the GOP nomination over Trump. Here's what it comes down to, in Hamilton-ese:

He's never agreed with Ted Cruz once,
They've fought on a bunch of different fronts,
But when all is said and all is done,
Cruz has beliefs,
Trump has none.

Graham reportedly is putting this newfound