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    • 1. The lights are on but nobody’s home – used to describe a stupid person
      Example: She really has no clue- the lights are on but nobody’s home!
      2. When pigs fly – about something that will never happen
      Example: Yea, right! You will get Taylor Swift to ask you on a date when pigs fly!
      3. To have Van Gogh’s ear for music – to be tone deaf (Van Gogh only had one ear!)
      Example: Xavi really shouldn’t play the piano- he has Van Gogh’s ear for music.
      4. To pig out – to eat a lot very quickly
      Example: After the marathon, the runners pigged out at a dinner buffet.
      5. Everything but the kitchen sink – almost everything has been included
      Example: Maria was trying so hard to get the question right, she was throwing out everything but the kitchen sink!
      6. To put a sock in it – to tell someone noisy to be quiet
      Example: Jane was yelling while I was studying so I told her to put a sock in it.
      7. To have a cast iron stomach – to have no problems eating or drinking anything
      Example: I think I would be sick if I ate all that food, but Joe seems to have a cast iron stomach.
      8. To drink like a fish – to drink heavily
      Example: The group at the bar seems to being having a party and you can tell he’s the birthday boy because he is drinking like a fish!
      9. Use your loaf – use your head, think smart
      Example: Come on Parker, use your loaf! I know you can solve this problem!
      10. Finger lickin’ good – extremely tasty

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    • Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away...............and I forgot the rest. The story is over :D!!!