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Business 2,815 views Nov 14, 2013

When school began, my daughter was looking for an interesting way to give memorable gifts to her friends commemorating the start of a new year. Here’s what we dreamt up using scrap fabrics, Art Mechanique Silhouettes and Iced Enamels:

Friendship Bracelets

Iced Enamels friendship bracelet

Turtles signify longevity.

You’ll need:

* Scrap pieces of fabric cut to wrist size and 2 in wide
* Half inch end clasp findings
* Art Mechanique small bezels and silhouettes
* Assorted paper ephemera
* ICE Resin®
* Scissors
* Sewing machine (can be hand sewn)
* Iron
* Pliers
* Beads (optional)
* Jewelry tools
* Thread
Art Mechanique Paper Sealer

1.  Cut fabric into desired wrist size width and 2 inches wide. Fold both long sides one half inch towards center and iron. Fold down the middle and iron again.

2.  At sewing machine or by hand, sew decorative stitching lengthwise on each bracelet. Trim threads.

3.  Insert end into clasp. Use pliers to flatten, encasing the fabric.

4.  Chose paper ephemera to fit a small bezel. Seal into place using Paper Sealer.

5.   Mix ICE Resin according to instructions. Poor into bezel. Allow to dry overnight.

6.  Using jumprings to attach bezel to bracelet end. Add extra jumprings to fit, then add lobster clasp for closure.

Iced Enamels

Friendship Bracelet DIY

Good ideas!

Make lots of them!!!

Cutting out several bracelets at a time, sewing multiple pieces, and finishing with clasps means you can make lots if bracelets in very little time.

Also remember that making multiple bezel pieces saves time too!

Susan Walls

Susan’s Art Circus

What could you make with your daughter? or Son? or Grandchildren?

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