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  • 24 Dec 2014
    Fashionable Décor: Kleenex Launches New Statement Designs Posted by: Everything Beautiful March 17, 2014 Kleenex-isaac-mizrahi Rustic & Earthy Kleenex is helping to make your spaces both functional and stylish with their versatile line of trendy boxes. This March they have introduced new special editions designs, which have been inspired by the latest in fashion and runway trends. They are truly one-of-a-kind and add a uniquely bold edge to the theme of any space. From energetic florals to geometric prints, and the black and white leopard pattern shown above, they are also a great way to express your personal style. I was inspired by the black and white leopard print and incorporated it into my “Earthy” dining room. The Mahogany wood table, black leather chairs, musk-green painted wall, chestnut textured candle, and earth-toned pebble center piece, all contribute to that rustic feel that I love. What I found important to add to this theme however was a touch of bold with bright flowers for an uplifting feel. Finally, to complement this, the stark contrast of the black and white Kleenex box worked perfectly and also adds that functionality aspect to a space with having accessible tissues. What’s more, I was able to incorporate all of these unique designs into my living space, each offering its own special flair to the room no matter the theme. It was fun to play around with them and be creative. It’s also great to know I can have affordable style as part of my interior decoration ;) photo-29 Spring Brights! - See more at:
    1365 Posted by Coca Cola
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