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Business 2,523 views Aug 17, 2013
Assistant in India, Virtual Assistant India, Virtual Assistant

Taskbarge is a leading Virtual Assistant and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service provider from India. Taskbarge Virtual Assistant Services is an addition of your life and business' outsourcing needs in today’s global village.Virtual Assistant India, Assistant in India, Virtual Assistant in India, Personal Assistant India, Executive Assistant India

Taskbarge's team is comprised of experienced professionals in English and modern technologies. Taskbarge is able to combine business acumen with technical savvy to offer the best price to quality ratio of service available globally. Taskbarge acts as a seamless extension of your company and its outsourcing needs.

Taskbarge is also the pioneer in bringing the idea of service with a personal touch and feel along with access to a pool of expertise' into the market that makes virtual assistance dependable and so scalable in today’s world of competition.Assistant in India, Virtual Assistant India, Virtual Assistant in India, Executive Assistant India, Personal Assistant India

Taskbarge is a Life Outsourcing Company which provides one stop shop for your outsourcing needs. Taskbarge Virtual Assistant is a Skilled Graduate who can handle effectively your account with us.  The Luxury when hiring your Personal Virtual Assistant from is you gets access the expertise of the entire company resources. All hassle free, handled through the single window system, your primary contact, PVA.

What we do?
Some of the common tasks we have already performed include;
Fixing personal and business appointment, arranging a plumber, table booking, hotel  and restaurant and flight booking, web research and data compilation,  Data entry works, Bank statement reconciliation, accounts management, Invoicing clients, article writing and article marketing, Internet marketing, SEO/SEM works, IT support, web designing, blog installation and maintenance… of course it’s big list.Virtual Assistant in India, Executive Assistant India, Personal Assistant India, Assistant in India, Virtual Assistant India

List of Services:
Your Taskbarge Virtual Assistant could do anything that does not require our physical presence there. We would be sorry if you ask your Virtual Assistant to make a cup of coffee but we can certainly find someone to make it for you! It is that simple!!

What is our pricing?
Sure you can save more than 70% on any task you get it done in US! We have a wide range of monthly hourly plans that suits people of all categories from Pay As You Go to Full Time plans.
Plans and Pricing:

Which is the best plan for me?
Sure we will help you with that! If you have 5 hours of work in a week and you multiply that into 4 weeks so you know you may have approximately 20 hours work that can be outsourced to your Virtual Assistant.Executive Assistant India, Virtual Assistant in India, Personal Assistant India, Virtual Assistant India, Assistant in IndiaAssistant in India

Then you can choose one of the best plans based on the volume of your tasks in a month. We have got wide range of monthly hourly plans, in this case, you shall go for Basic 20 ($180.00) hours plan.

Your VA works on tasks and updates you with time sheet on a daily basis. We bill only the actual time spent on tasks.

If the task requires 10 minutes, we bill 10 minutes.

We have a 7 day free trial of your Virtual Assistant from Taskbarge where you don't need to pay us if you cancel on or before those 7 days!

Feel free to contact our customer support 24/7 by
Email: support(at)
US Phone: 1-718-841-6489

Taskbarge is a trustable Virtual Assistant service provider from India. We handle both personal and business tasks for our clients from across the globe. We assist our clients 24/7 over phone, e-mail, Internet and fax. Beneficially, Taskbarge handles any kind of task that a regular personal assistant normally does, except that we aren't present physically at the client's place.Personal Assistant India, Executive Assistant India, Virtual Assistant in India, Virtual Assistant India, Assistant in India

Hello viewers this is Chaitanya Krishna, CEO of Taskbarge. We do provide Virtual Assistants to our clients globally. If you are looking for any assistance regarding any of your personal or business task please let us know to assist you better. Feel free to contact us 24/7 at